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Taking that first step to seek counselling is an important one and can be daunting.

Where do you start?


I could throw in lots of theoretical jargon and qualifications here, but that might not mean very much to you.


So how do you choose your Counsellor? 


Of course you want your Counsellor to have undergone reputable training and to be qualified but you also need to feel that this is someone you can trust and feel safe with. Counselling is different things to different people. Sometimes it is a space to offload, sometimes it may be a place where you can explore and make sense of things that have happened, and sometimes it may be where your long-held beliefs might need to be challenged. 


Friends and family may be supportive, but they will often have an unconscious bias and want to ‘fix’ things. The counselling relationship is unique. As your Counsellor I do not have an agenda and will support you through rocky times as you navigate your way to a deeper understanding of yourself and your experiences. Understanding the past and present so that you do not carry your problems into the future.

Working collaboratively with my clients, I treat everyone with respect, warmth and honesty, that I believe we are all entitled to.

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Supervision should be a collaborative and supportive relationship, where you as the Counsellor, can present your successes, as well as your perceived mistakes. It is a unique relationship founded on trust and is a two way process. 

Good supervision is something I am passionate about and meetings should be empowering, not punitive, as well as enriching and enlightening.  It should be something you look forward to, not dread, or a tick box. I offer supportive but challenging supervision. A place to explore whether you are working effectively as a Practitioner, and to offer insight that might have been missed. But also, a safe place to share the difficult work that we are sometimes faced with. 

I qualified as a Supervisor in 2013 and have supervised groups, individuals and Trainee Counsellors, in Private Practice, the NHS and within Higher Education. My own modality as a Counsellor is Person Centred, though I am comfortable and have experience of supervising other modalities in an integrated practice.

I have a Diploma in Counselling Supervision as well as a qualification in online work (Certified Cyber Therapy).  I have experience of both long and short-term work and also experience of working with Children and Young People.


I am able to offer face to face Supervision in Hampshire or online via Teams or Zoom.

As a Counsellor, my organisational work and experience has been varied. From working within a Hospice, supporting patients and their families; working with oncology patients in an NHS setting; and in Higher Education as a University Counsellor working with students. My current position involves supporting those affected by Kidney Disease. I am qualified to work with CYP and hold a post graduate qualification in Childhood Bereavement. I have been in Private Practice for 15 years.

Space for new supervisees currently available.

For fees and contact details, please click here.

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